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Branding: What is it and how do I start?

Whether you’re a small or large business, branding is a cornerstone of your organization. When many think of “Branding”, they think of Logos, and nothing else. But branding includes multiple aspects of your corporate identity, and each is just as important as the next.

1. Mission, Vision & Values

This is where I like to start with clients who are just starting out forming their brand image; or businesses looking for a brand refresh. Determining the mission, vision and values behind the brand help to shape the other components such as logos, imagery, messaging and color schemes later on. You may think as a small business that you could skip this step - but I assure you, it’s the foundation. Don’t skimp.

2. Brand Messaging & Voice

Establishing a specific brand voice and message that engages your target audience is another important aspect of branding. When you’re not in the room to provide your fine-tuned elevator pitch, your marketing materials or website are doing the heavy lifting for you. To make the most of that introduction, make sure your brand messaging is clear, crisp and consistent to put your best foot forward.

3. Imagery

You may not put much thought into the imagery you use in your marketing collateral, but your customers or clients will. Well thought-out imagery that emulates the ideal client you’re searching for, helps users to identify with the communities you serve and the services you offer. Imagery is key, and there is a method to the madness.

4. Logos, Fonts & Color Schemes

When customers come to me for “branding”, this piece is what they’re most often looking for. But as mentioned, it’s easier to get started crafting a logo, color palette and fonts that fit your brands needs when you’ve established clear Mission, Vision, Values, Messaging, and Imagery. Your logo will be the most used component of your business, it’s on letterhead, presentations, receipts, websites, pens, storefront windows... you name it. Keeping consistent when implementing brand guidelines, and using the same same logo, fonts and colors throughout ALL of your business needs and ventures, helps customers establish trust and recognition with your brand.

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