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How to Pivot During a Pandemic

Safe to say, no one has written a rule book on how to survive a pandemic as a small business owner. Companies all over the world have had to shift from in service offerings to limited hours, limited capacities, or shutter their doors entirely. Some businesses have chosen to take their services fully online - with phone and video consultations or to-go orders. But how do you drive traffic to your site and let your communities know that you’re still up and running?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched a local business, found their results on Google, they had certain hours listed and I got there and they were closed or reduced hours. Now, Will I come back? Of course - I love and appreciate other small businesses, and will continue to shop there. But in a world where EVERYONE “googles” EVERYTHING, why not make google work for you? It’s free, takes only a few minutes to set up, and is SUPER SIMPLE to update. Make sure you’re using the Google My Business feature to keep your community aware of changes to store hours, and how they can reach you when you’re not open. You can link to your website where you provide up-to-date offerings, link a phone number for customers to reach out - and provide a contactless shopping or service experience from the comfort of their home. We can help get the e-commerce side of your site up and running, and help you to PIVOT during this pandemic. Link in bio for complete service offerings. (And yes, we’re offering Remote consultations 😉)

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