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Organic vs. Paid Social

It’s #MarketingMonday! On Monday’s we’ll share tips for marketing your small business. With small and easy steps, we can help to grow your brand’s awareness and reach.

For today’s Marketing Monday, we’re talking about Organic vs. Paid Socials.

For starters, the world of social media is constantly evolving. Between ever-changing algorithms and new marketing trends and technologies, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

When we first start working with a client on a social media marketing strategy, ESPECIALLY a small business, we like to pour our efforts into Organic Social Marketing before spending a cent on paid advertising. Why? There are a few reasons.

1. Trial and Error could be costly. Running different ads on a whim, trying to gauge which will have the best results, can hurt your marketing campaign. But what is it about your paid campaign that isn’t working? Is it the graphics? The written copy? The target audience? There are too many variables. We like to deploy organic social posts to gauge audience interest, see what works in terms of content that converts, and adjust as necessary - without adjust ads and bids. Having solid knowledge of what works within your target audience can help to save time and frustration once you do evolve to paid ads.

2. Paid ads can look spammy, if you don’t know what you’re doing. There have been MANY times when I’ve been force-fed a digital campaign after visiting a company’s website, and it has totally missed the mark. I usually hide these advertisements from my feed in the future, which not only means you’ve lost me as a customer, but you’ve also hurt your ad score. By implementing organic marketing strategies, like incentivized social sharing, you’re using FREE word of mouth marketing - that builds brand awareness and TRUST within your target markets.

3. It’s GREAT SEO. Organic socials, when fed into a website, is SIMPLE SEO CONTENT. You’re already using hashtags and thoughtful curated captions with loads of content-rich keywords - why not make that content work for you? You’re driving traffic to your website FOR FREE. It’s a no-brainer.

That’s it! Let us know how it goes!

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